Online Safety: How to Create a fun and Safe Website for Your Kids

Online Safety: How to Create a fun and Safe Website for Your Kids

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When planning to design a website for your kids, always consider entertaining, age-appropriate, and instructive websites for children. They must be useful and attractive for children and provide some value of education so that parents love them as well. Scroll down for some important tips as well as useful pages for a child-friendly website!

Choose a niche

Decide the type of topic you want to create. Make sure the topic is educational and fascinating enough to attract your kids.

Select a host

To understand what a web host is, imagine it as a neighborhood where your child’s home (his/her website) would be located. A free web host has several advantages, including the fact that there is no cost to you, and the inclusion of a built-in ‘what you see is what you get’ web editor for simple website maintenance. A number of disadvantages exist, ranging from persistent pop-ups and banner advertisements, to an unpleasant URL, such as http://www.TheFreeWebsiteURL/YourKidsSiteName.

Free web hosts to choose from


Wix offers 900 or more templates for children to choose from. The templates are separated into categories so that a simple website may be launched in minutes. The drag and drop site builder is enjoyable to use and it is easy for children to add their text, photos, modify colors, explore with different typefaces, etc.

Wix ADI, a step-by-step wizard which produces a website for you based on your replies to a few simple questions, is another choice. It’s pure magic!

Site 123

Site123, an Israel-based startup that was founded in 2015, provides a free, simple-to-use website builder that is oriented towards individuals and small businesses. A beginner who has never constructed a website before can utilize the Site123 site builder to get it up and running quickly. Its user-friendly editing interface makes it unnecessary to have any prior design or technical skills.

Site123 is easy to learn, and should not be difficult for children who are less computer-savvy. Although it may not have as many capabilities as Wix, it is easier to use.


Weebly is another building site known for its usability. The number of themes are minimal (about 50 of them are available), but the designs are excellent.

Weebly allows you to build an online shop and sell products for free (though this depends on your location – free email is available in the US and some other countries). There is also a notable addition to this, as this can be a fantastic choice for your children to raise money for whatever they like, or perhaps to sell handcrafted products.


Doodlekit is a website designer that enables children to create a website, start a blog, upload pictures, and add custom pages.

One advantage of Doodlekit is its advanced security features over other website constructors, which allows parents to monitor the behavior of their children on their website. It is possible to function as the website “admin” and to regulate many aspects. You can filter strange comments, make photo albums for users that are only approved, and more.

Learn website designing

You can also teach your children how to construct a website as a learning experience. You and your child can develop your website from the ground up if you grasp fundamental HTML, cascading style sheets (CSS), and graphics tools. Another way to use a free template is to study web design when the time permits for your child’s site. This will allow you to quickly access a website and remodel yourself, as you begin to grasp the basics of web design.

Partner with an SEO agency

SEO agency experience will allow you to assess your site, goals, competition, and develop a complete search visibility plan. You may track and change your plans to ensure that you are on the right track to achieving the best results, regardless of how long it takes. Optimizing your search engine website is by no means an unbelievable effort. You may find it difficult, but you can always seek a search engine optimization agency for help if you require more technical assistance and guidance.

Keep your kids safe online

If your child’s website becomes a public site, anybody in the globe may reach it. With a few additional procedures, you can keep your child’s identity safe. If you wish to keep strangers out entirely, encrypt your site with a password. With this strategy, visitors must enter their name and password before visiting a page on their child’s website. You can simply tell close friends and family members about the login details, and you could always find an SEO consultant for additional help.In our modern-day and age, children want to play online games instead of playing in the field, so make sure to try out these recommendations to build a safe website for your children!

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